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Privacy on Website

Our team takes the privacy of our visitors extremely seriously. There is no sharing or selling of visitor data to any third party under any circumstances. Please go through this policy to understand better how we treat the privacy on

Collecting Personal Data

When someone visits, his or her IP address is being logged by the server together with the date and time of visit, operating system and browser version of that particular visit. This information is used only for statistics by the webmaster.

Links to External Websites can link out to third party websites for web source or advertising purposes. Please be aware that we do not own or control such websites, therefore we cannot guarantee you safe browsing while leaving our page through these links. You need to make sure about the site you are visiting after leaving our page. The external links to third party sites can change regularly, therefore be advised that the content may be updated once you revisit this website.

Online Advertising

There can be advertisements placed on by our advertising partners. Please treat these ads like third party websites described above. In order to provide you the most relevant ads, our website makes use of cookies that come with your browser software. If you feel better not to use these cookies, you can either turn them off in your browser or stop using our website.

Agree to Our Terms

When you are browsing, and using our website, we consider that you have read through the Privacy Policy as well as Terms of Conditions and fully accept them. If you do not want to accept our Terms, please stop using our website at once.

Getting in Touch with the Team

In case you want to contact us regarding this website or the policies we have, please choose the Contact page from the upper menu to send us a message now.

The Privacy Policy has been changed on February 2, 2017.