Mass Effect Andromeda: APEX Mission Brief 01

Beginning on March 23, and running through March 27. Apex Mission 01: Drack’s Missing Scouts is the first in a series of time-sensitive sequential missions for Mass Effect: Andromeda. It is centered on everyone’s favorite cantankerous space dinosaurs; the Krogan.

APEX Missions

Accessible from an early point in the game, Andromeda’s APEX missions are unique. There’s a number of ways to approach them. You can engage in squad-based, PVE multiplayer missions, somewhat akin to Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer modes. Or, you can delegate these actions to a number of APEX strike teams under the player’s command. Accessible through terminals on the Nexus as well as on board the Tempest. These teams are also available in the APEX HQ app for iOS and Android, albeit in a delegation-only capacity.

Whether you access them in-game, or via the companion app, deployed strike teams spend an amount of real-world time dealing with the issue. Multiplayer missions occur in a series of waves. Though most matches take fewer than thirty minutes to complete, for good or ill.

And regardless of how you complete the objectives, you’ll get rewarded in Mission Funds. It will give an assortment of items and crafting materials.

It’s worth noting that you won’t be bringing Ryder, or any other main characters along. Or should you opt to dive in yourself. Rather, you’ll build and maintain a roster of APEX-specific characters for use in multiplayer. Getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of each character is crucial to success. Unlocking increasingly powerful characters, and leveling up your existing avatars will help much.

The Mission: Drack’s Missing Scouts

Introduced by the Nexus’ militia head, Tiran Kandros – a name that long-time series fans will recognize, as he is, in fact, the cousin of Mass Effect 3’s Nyreen Kandros – the setup for this mission is simple: the Krogan have lost contact with some of their scout patrols. APEX’s job is to follow their trail into kett territory, hack into a hostile system, extract any relevent intel – and presumably shoot a lot of angry aliens in the process.

Kandros’s words hint at a larger, ongoing plot by the Kett; suggesting a consistent narrative thread, weaving its way through future APEX missions.

The New Map

This mission introduces the Firebase Paradox map. Only available for a limited duration, it’s based around the idea of a recently unearthed Remnant artifact on an uncharted world. Aesthetically, the map is similar to Habitat 7 – the first planet touched on in the single-player campaign – minus the floating rocks. Play-wise, it’s standard fare for Andromeda’s multiplayer.

The New Kit

Krogan Gladiators! If earlier games in the series instilled a desire to play a terifying lady Krogan, well, now is your chance! The Gladiator is an incredibly tough, resilient character; perfect for withstanding waves of assaulting enemies.

The New Weapon

Drack's Missing Scouts

In keeping with our Krogan theme, we get the Ruzad Shotgun – a nasty-looking piece with a hooked bayonet. It’s slow-firing, but staggers any enemy fortunate enough to survive the initial shot. In a fun bit of lore, the loose translation for Ruzad is “judge” – the Krogan consider this to be an obvious, straightforward name for the weapon, rather than ironic or funny.

So there you have it! The first in what is hopefully a steady stream of new content for Mass Effect: Andromeda, and it’s a good one. If you’re curious, why not log in and give it a try?