Mass Effect Andromeda: APEX Mission Brief 01

Beginning on March 23, and running through March 27. Apex Mission 01: Drack’s Missing Scouts is the first in a series of time-sensitive sequential missions for Mass Effect: Andromeda. It is centered on everyone’s favorite cantankerous space dinosaurs; the Krogan. APEX Missions Accessible from an early point in the game, Andromeda’s APEX missions are unique. There’s a number of ways to approach … Read more

Check Out The Updates To Pokemon GO

If you’ve been ignoring Pokemon GO for a while now, you’ve been missing out. The game has received some incredible updates over the last few months. As a matter of fact, there are a number of people that say this app feels like a brand new game. What did Pokemon GO add? Here’s a quick look at what it offers … Read more

The Best Heroes In DOTA 2 For Beginners

If you have decided to get into DOTA 2 you might be overwhelmed by the size of the game. DOTA 2 is a big game that can be daunting for a beginner which makes choosing the right hero essential. There are a number of heroes which are considered the best for any beginner and you should consider using one of … Read more